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From Kanye West to Eminem, Studio A has produced some of the most celebrated  albums in Hip Hop music history. The control room - designed by The Studio Bau:Ton team - offers views of the marina as well as unparalleled acoustics. This iconic studio comes with a private artists lounge and a spacious isolation booth, complete with a selection of vintage synthesizers.

Kanye West recorded the albums 808’s & Heartbreak, and My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy in this studio. Since then, many names in music royalty have left their mark here, including but not limited to Rihanna, Eminem, Common, Beyonce and Frank Ocean. 

With 112 channels, Studio A features the largest SSL 9000J Console in the world. The control room is equipped with Genelec 1038A, 1031A, NS10 and TAD 5.1 house monitors with Pro Tools Ultimate. Studer 827 24 track & 820 1/2” 2 track Analog recorders are available on request.



112 Channel Solid State Logic 9000J, largest ever built with modern Atomic Instruments PSU & Tangerine automation (Coming soon) Mac Studio M1 Ultra, Antelope Galaxy Synergy Core 64 w/ HDX DSP card


5.1 Custom Bi-amplified and tuned TAD large built in speakers 

Genelec 1038A pair 

Genelec 1031A pair w/ Sub 

Yamaha NS10 

Current Japan cue monitoring system in all rooms 


Vintage Neve 1073 (x2) 

Tube tech MP1A (2) channel 

GML (4) channel 


Avalon 2044 Stereo 

DBX 165A (x2) 

DBX 160X (x2) 

Empirical Labs Distressor 

Neve 33609/J Stereo 

Tube tech CL1B (x2) 

Tube tech LCA2B Stereo 

Vintage UREI 1176LN/E (x2) 

Vintage Teletronix LA2A


Avalon 2055 stereo 

Nite Pro 3D stereo 

Pultec EQP1A (Vintage tube) 

Pultec EQP1A3 (Vintage tube) 

Pultec EQP1A3S (Vintage tube) 

Pultec MEQ5 (Vintage tube) 

Summit EQF100 (x2) 

API 550b (x4) 

API 560b graphic EQ(x4) 


EMT 250 Digital reverb (vintage) 

Lexicon 480L MultiFX 

TC M5000 MultiFX 

Eventide DSP4000 

Eventide H3500 

Eventide H3000-D/SE 

Lexicon PCM42 

Lexicon PCM81 

Lexicon PCM91 

Roland SDE 330 

Roland SDD 320 

Sony V77 (x2) 

Yamaha D5000 (x2) 

Yamaha SPX1000 

Yamaha D1500 

Dytronics FS1 cyclosonic panner 

TC Electronics 1210 

TC Electronics 2290 (x2) 

AMS Reverb RMX16 

AMS Delay S-DMX 


Studer A827 2” 24-track Analog 

Studer A820 1/2” 2 track master Analog 

Sony PCM3348HR 24bit 1” 48 track Digital 

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